Adult-sized changing table breaks down invisible barrier for caregivers of teens, adults living with disabilities.

LEWIS CENTER, Ohio — The footsteps of 7-year-old Owen Boulter are usually followed by wheels.

“He knows what he wants but he can’t tell us,” Owen said.  Owen’s big brother Aiden, has cerebral palsy. “I get a lot less attention for that reason,” said Owen.  And there are a lot less places they can go to play together. “Aiden struggles to do things like sit up on his own, walk, and because of his diagnosis, he needs to use diapers and probably will for his entire life,” said Kim Boulter, Owen and Aiden’s mom. “So he needs a place that is safe and clean and private that we can change his diaper.”

And that’s why Meagan Horn, the former owner of We Rock the Spectrum Columbus in Lewis Center, installed this teen and adult-sized changing table.

A place for Aiden and Owen, to play together.  “It makes it so that we can play longer and the second reason is he can have more fun,” Owen said.   Because truly, that’s what Owen wants for his big brother. To have more fun.   “You know what I’m saying?” he asked.

Meagan Horn hopes that her effort to install a changing table will inspire other business owners to do the same, making their spaces more inclusive for families like the Boulters.

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