activities for children with autism in columbus, oh

New gym provides safe space to play for people with autism – NBC 4 News

LEWIS CENTER, OH (WCMH) — Most of us may not give a second thought to exercising or enjoying the benefits of a gym, but that’s not always the case for some people with autism or special needs. A gym called We Rock the Spectrum changes that.

The new facility in Lewis Center is the first Ohio location of We Rock the Spectrum. The gym provides sensory safe play for kids that include gym pieces of theraputic equipment designed to work with many of the sensory processing issues that children on the spectrum face. It’s a wonderful opportunity for Shonda Williams. Her son has autism, and she says they’ve never found a facility like this.

“They absolutely just cater to everyone children on the spectrum, children that are not on the spectrum, they make you feel welcome,” she said.

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